Quest ID Mapper

* Respect the -f option when prompting user to configure vasidmap for

* Check for 1 or more instances of WITH_ADS when determining if Samba
  has been compiled with ADS support. Bug #854
* vas-samba-config asks if vasidmapd should be configured. Default is no

* Remove hard check for VAS in returned pwgrent structure (bug #828)
* If krb5.conf doesn't exist the vas-krb5-config script now asks
  the user if they wish to create it. (bug #600)

* Can now compile with GCC 4.6 and higher (bug #820)
* Default value for 'obey pam restrictions' is now NO (bug #664)
* vas-samba-config is now its own package. Vasidmap still contains
  vas-samba-config as well. The vas-samba-config package can be used
  when winbind is not needed on the system and will simplfy the samba
  setup process.
* Updated vasidmapd usage and man pages on how to correctly enable logging
  (bug #841)
* vasidmap-status will not run vasidmapd and vasidmap test when vasidmap
  is not installed.
* vasidmapd will ignore a few common well-known-sids. s-1-1-0, s-1-5-2 and
  s-1-5-11. We will not attempt to find a unix user object for these sids
  bug #837
* vas-samba-config uses upstart jobs on Ubuntu to restart smbd,winbind and
  vasidmapd. (Bug #843)

* vas-samba-config supports include statements being at the end of the global section. (bug #817)
* vas-samba-config no longer adds idmap cache time to version of smb.conf newer than 3.3.0 (bug #610)
* Added pp (polypkg) as part of the vasidmapd package
* Includes the latest PolyPackage which adds support for debian upstart jobs.
* vas-samba-config now restarts winbind if daemon is present. This is a best guess as to the location
  of winbind, may not work in all environments (bug #631)
* Added vas-samba-config support for Samba 3.6 idmap backend parameters. (bug # 816)

* vas-samba-config now updates smb.conf even when no other sections exist besides [global] (bug #785)
* Updated the kinit function in vasidmap-status to work in more scenarios
* Implemented Unix shell traps, to handle proper cleanup when script is finished running
* vasidmap-status now cleans up properly after itself (bug #812)
* Fixed issues on HPUX in vasidmap-status where shell test methods were not being quoted (bug #803)
* Added/Fixed Solaris SMF support in Polypkg (bug #795)
* Add ability for to download the latest RC Polypkg if PP is not in the build directory
* Added ability to run each test group in vasidmap-status as a seperate user
* Fixed some compilation warnings: "warning: format ‘%ld’ expects type ‘long int’,
  but argument 4 has type ‘__gid_t’"
* The vasidmapd pidfile is no longer a hidden file.
* On AIX the pidfile is stored at /var/opt/quest/vas/ instead of the standard location /var/run/ this
  is because /var/run/ doesn't exist by default on AIX.
* Added ability to specify pidfile location for the vasidmapd daemon by using the -P option.
* vasidmapd logging is controlled by syslog where available.
* updated usage for vasidmapd
* Daemon will recreate pid file if it is removed. Checks every 30 seconds
* Added the compile flag -Wl,-brtl so we run-time link to libvas.  This fixes a segfault in vasidmap
  on Aix when ran against QAS that is shipped with a different libvas version. (bug #818)

* Close connecitons that are idle for more then 5 minutes. 
* vasidmap-status now runs LDAP tests against vasidmapd.
* Updated vas-samba-config to work with Samba 3.4.0 kerberos settings (bug #750)
* vas-set-samba-password script no longer fails when METHOD=tdb in vas-set-samba-password.conf (bug #733)
* Added vasidmap-status script to vasidmap package
* Port to Mac OSX (bug #777)
* vas-samba-config can now find the netbios name of the joined domain when VAS is not joined with a DC 
  list that does not contain a forest root DC (bug #685)
* vas-samba-config will report an error when it cannot find a smb.conf file (bug #768)
* vas-samba-config now checks that smbd was compiled with Kerberos support (bug #769)
* vasidmap-status now works with groupname containing spaces (bug #774)

* Fix invalid lookups for "uidNumber" (bug #714).
* Avoid lookups of non-QAS users (bug #714).
* Avoid lookups of non-numeric uids & gids.
* Fix harmless "cmp: EOF on <file>" error message (bug #646).
* Add usage help to vas-samba-config (-h option).
* Add -V flag for vasidmapd to print its version number (bug #616).
* Correct vas-set-samba-password path in example (bug #615).

* bug 598: domain sid detection
* vas-krb5-config warns about symlinks
* bug 596: vas-samba-config copes with missing winbind 
* bug 596: vas-samba-config runs quest-samba init scripts correctly
* bug 171: corrected vas-set-samba-password file ownership
* documentation corrections

* better support for non-Quest Samba servers
* added vas-krb5-config script
* moved vas-samba-config into /opt/quest/sbin (not bin)
* moved vas-set-samba-password into /opt/quest/libexec (not sbin)
* bug 479: 'package' target should choose its own DESTDIR
* bug 474: correct 'samba-quest' group script name
* bug 536: improvements in vas-samba-config

* Improve messages for support
* Detect VAS connection problems
* Handle cases where SUDO resets the environment
* Add -V flag to get version
* Add flags to support non-quest-samba
* Improve the way that the service daemons start

* bug 240: support new idmap parameter names for Samba 3.0.25
* bug 254: vas-samba-config properly starts/stops services on HP-UX

* bug 217: disable scripted password changes with some VAS 3.1 versions

* bug 191: fix the way the host password is updated
* Fix vas-samba-config script on Solaris
* Add manual page for vasidmap(1)
* Change package name to quest-vasidmap (and QSFTidmap for Solaris)

* Add OR filter support for recent Samba3 changes
* Handle PAM restrictions parameters in smb.conf
* Simplify the way vas.conf is updated

* bug 78: user SIDs being detected as groups with VAS < 3.1

* Improved performance in SID translation code

* Fix multidomain support in vasidmap

* Added -s option to vasidmapd
* Improved documentation
* Removed unnecessary dependency on Samba

* Initial release