Quest Sudo

1.7.2p7q1 (2010-12-20)
  * Suppress 'not found' error messages for one-way trust
    cross-forest groups. Bug #793

1.7.2p6q1 (2010-05-10)
  * Merge latest upstream release.
  * Fixed a bug where non-unix groups might not be usable
  * Made the user/group cache case insensitive

1.7.2p5q1 (2010-03-08)
  * Merge latest upstream release.

1.7.2p2q1 (2010-02-02)

  * Merge latest upstream release.

1.6.8p12q97 (2010-01-22)
  * Suppress 'not found' error message on non-AD groups. Bug #731

1.6.8p12q96 (2009-09-02)

  * Fix detection of NOEXEC library. Bug #505.

  * Find libvas on HPUX ia64. Bug #725.

  * Fix LDAP file descriptor leak. Bug #555.

  * Ignore non-existent groups in allow stanzas. An error message will
    be printed if a non-existent group is named. Bug #546.

  * Log to "auth" syslog facility on non-Linux platforms for
    compatibility. Bug #347.

  * Support cross-compilation of s390 & s390x builds. Bug #732.

1.6.8p12q95 (2008-02-21)

  * Removed the need for different (colon) syntax for non-Unix groups.
    Bug #421.

  * Copies existing sudoers file during installation. Bug #338.

  * Find libvas on 64-bit systems. Bugs #426, #422, #423.

  * Ensure the timestamp directory is created by sudo. Fixes mkdir error
    when VAS is not installed. Bug #334.

  * Find visudo's editor on systems where 'vi' is in /bin (Red Hat,
    Fedora). Bug #351.

  * Set the right mode on the sudoers file during deb postinst.

  * Check for +DAportable during configure instead of rcconfigure.

  * Add prototype for getgrouplist to silence compiler warnings.


  * Find libvas at runtime when the VAS SDK is not installed (bug #321).


  * Portable (32-bit) binaries are built by default on HPUX (bug #316).

  * Add non-unix group support to testsudoers.

1.6.8p12q91 (internal release)

  * Enable LAM authentication on AIX 4 (bug #176).

  * No longer emails the sysadmin if VAS initialization fails
    (bug #241).

  * Provides more helpful error messages (bug #242).

  * Fixed inefficient use of getgrouplist() that caused poor
    performance with NIS+ (bug #278).

  * libvas is now optional and loaded at runtime if it is available.
    (bug #300).

  * Allow sudo to run even if VAS lookups don't work in most cases
    (bug #243). If there are inversions (!) that could affect the
    command, access is denied.

  * Fix bug #162: Build failure on AIX.

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