Apache authentication for httpd 2.4 (2019-05-20)
        - Updates to work with QAS 4.2 api
        - Added ability on ubuntu to optionally let user enable vas module loading
        - Updated the mav setup script to support rerunning on failure.
        - Cleaned up compiler warnings
        - Use apache2ctl if it exists instead of apache2 when gathering information
          about the installed apache. (2016-02-10)
        - No longer add /etc/*/conf.d* dir to rpm packages, only include
          the actual file from conf.d. This is to resolve conflicts on RHEL7
          with the httpd package. Bug# 861
        - Set the environment variable KRB5RCACHETYPE to none by default. (2014-11-13)
        - Added a negative group cache for invalid group name lookups. Bug# 851
        - Updated group lookups to use new API call provided in QAS
          to fix an issue with group LDAP lookups failing when QAS isn't joined
          to an Active Directory domain. QAS Bug# 412110
        - Clear VAS ctx error messages after each group lookup in 
          authz_vas_unixgroup_check_authorization. Bug# 852 (2014-9-16)
        - No longer write out trace debug by default. Must be recompiled 
          in order to turn it on.
        - Updated configure.ac to fix issue when compiling with newer gcc (2014-5-21)
        - Added ability to enable QAS API debug Bug# 848

        - AuthVasCacheSize & AuthVasCacheExpire now are merged correctly
          when set in both the parent and virtual host configs. Bug # 847

        - AuthVasServerPrincipal is now working correctly when set in
          parent config as well as virtual configs. (Bugs 845 & 846)

        - Added a new per server directive AuthVasApiDebugLevel in
          relation to bug# 848 to set the debug level of the QAS API
          logging. Logging by default will be sent to syslog with the
          name mod_auth_vas.

        - If AuthVasApiDebugLevel is > 2 QAS API nested log messages
          will be included.

        - MAV will use vas_ctx_alloc_with_flags (also returns an error)
          if the version of QAS supports it, otherwise vas_ctx_alloc
          will be used. Bug #518

        - Fixed the following issue when compiling:
            mod_auth_vas.c:48:25: fatal error:
            gssapi_krb5.h: No such file or directory

        - Fixed an issue where in certain scenarios like UPM mode vas
          maynot be able to find a users samAccountName. When 
          samAccountName cannot be found fall back to userPrincipalName
          Bug #849 (2013-2-06)
         - The -u option now works with -n in the http-get/get binary.

         - Because bug fix #831 depended on a QAS api change
           this broke backwards compatibility.  Added a new way to
           check for existing symbols in the loaded library to validate
           that a function exists, if not it will fall back to the old
           method.  In regards to #831 if QAS is being used
           the new method vas_gss_auth_with_server_id will be used, all
           versions prior to this will use vas_gss_auth.

         - MAV package name can now be partially set from an environment
           variable MAVPACKAGENAME. The PolyPackage build system will
           look at this variable (as defined in mav.pp.in) to help
           determine the final name of the built MAV package.

         - Fixed misquoted CFLAGS & LDFLAGS tests.

         - Utilized a new method that was added in QAS api
           called vas_gss_auth_with_server_id. New method allows us to
           pass in an already established vas_id_t that represents our
           server_id with the correct path already set for a custom
           keytab path that is set by AuthVasKeytabFile. Bug fix #831
           Related to QAS bug 27613
         - Fixed name for loading the MAV4 module

         - Updated test-cache to work with http 2.4 - Bug fix 830

         - Changed module name from mod_auth_vas to mod_auth_vas4 and AuthType is now VAS4 (2012-8-20)
         - Shortened the description of the module in pkg/mav.pp.in for building AIX bff

         - Added dependencies checks in pkg/mav.pp.in for http 2.4

         - Updated apxs search paths in setup-mod_auth_vas.in to included IBM's HTTPServer

         - Bug fix 790. setup-mod-auth-vas now supports cross-forest and cross-domain scenarios.

         - Bug fix 794 - in set_remote_user_attr goto the cleanup section instead of existing on a set_user_obj failure. This is to prevent dead locking on itself.

         - Minor change to better handle building the mod_auth_vas library file

         - Bug fix # 802 - defined apr_snprintf to compile on apache 1.3

         - Use 'do {..} while(0)' to protect blocks in APXS1

Source: https://github.com/quest-oss/mod_auth_vas/raw/master/NEWS