Apache authentication (2019-05-07)
        - Updated to work with QAS 4.2.1 api (2014-11-06)
        - Added a negative group cache for invalid group name lookups. Bug# 851
        - Updated group lookups to use new API call provided in QAS 4.0.1.X
          to fix an issue with group LDAP lookups failing when QAS isn't joined
          to an Active Directory domain. (2014-09-16)
        - Fixed configure.ac to compile with newer version of gcc.
        - removed #define TRACE_DEBUG so trace debug will not be written
          out to /tmp by default.
        - Fixed an issue with the check symbol code. (2014-05-19)
        - Added ability to enable QAS API debug Bug# 848

        - AuthVasCacheSize & AuthVasCacheExpire now are merged correctly
          when set in both the parent and virtual host configs. Bug # 847

        - AuthVasServerPrincipal is now working correctly when set in
          parent config as well as virtual configs.

        - Added a new per server directive AuthVasApiDebugLevel in
          relation to bug# 848 to set the debug level of the QAS API
          logging. Logging by default will be sent to syslog with the 
          name mod_auth_vas.
        - If AuthVasApiDebugLevel is > 2 QAS API nested log messages
          will be included. 

        - MAV will use vas_ctx_alloc_with_flags (also returns an error)
          if the version of QAS supports it, otherwise vas_ctx_alloc
          will be used. Bug #518

        - Fixed the following issue when compiling: 
            mod_auth_vas.c:48:25: fatal error: 
            gssapi_krb5.h: No such file or directory

        - Set the environment variable KRB5RCACHETYPE to none by default. (2013-02-03)
         - Because bug fix #831 depended on a QAS api change
           this broke backwards compatibility.  Added a new way to
           check for existing symbols in the loaded library to validate
           that a function exists, if not it will fall back to the old
           method.  In regards to #831 if QAS is being used
           the new method vas_gss_auth_with_server_id will be used, all
           versions prior to this will use vas_gss_auth.

         - MAV package name can now be partially set from an environment
           variable MAVPACKAGENAME. The PolyPackage build system will
           look at this variable (as defined in mav.pp.in) to help 
           determine the final name of the built MAV package.

         - Fixed autoconf errors about AC_LANG_SOURCE.

         - Minor debug updates to better relate what keytabs and service
           accounts are being used for the server and its viritual hosts.

         - The -u option now works with -n in the http-get/get binary.

3.6.8   (2012-08-28)
         - Utilized a new method that was added in QAS api
           called vas_gss_auth_with_server_id. New method allows us to
           pass in an already established vas_id_t that represents our
           server_id with the correct path already set for a custom
           keytab path that is set by AuthVasKeytabFile. Bug fix #831
           Related to QAS bug 27613
        - setup-mod_auth_vas traps on trap list for knit.
        - Shortened the description of the module in pkg/map.pp.in for
          building AIX bff.
        - Updated apxs search path in setup-mod_auth_vas.in to include
          IBM's HTTPServer.

        - Added additional debug.

        - Fixed compile time warnings.
        - Added the use of the m4 macros
        - Added do {..} while (0) to protect debug block for tfprintf

3.6.7   (2011-04-04)
        - Defined apr_snprintf for Apache 1.x builds Bug #802.

        - updated to compile on linux PPC.

        - Added do {...} while loops to protect blocks in APXS1.

        - setup-mod_auth_vas now works in cross-forest or cross-domain
          scenarios Bug #790.
        - mod_auth_vas could get into a deadlock state if set_usr_obj
          failed when trying to set the remote users attr Bug #794

3.6.6   (2010-05-20)
        - VirtualHosts now inherit MAV server context settings Bug #747.

        - Lowered "NTLM authentication attempted" messages from error to
          info Bug #748.
        - Return 401 Unauthorized instead of 500 Internal Server Error for
          unknown users Bug #764.

        - Updated the usage message for the setup-mod_auth_vas script to
          include the -u user option.
        - Added module name to log messages Bug #749.

        - Updated the setup-mod_auth_vas script to allow for an existing
          Active Directory object to be used as the HTTP service account.

3.6.5	(2009-12-03)
	- Don't link to libgcc_s unless necessary.

	- Support building on Solaris 8 with Apache 1.3.

	- Print "not found" if there is no HTTP keytab. Vintela bug #15629.

	- Add versioned dependency on Apache 2 when building a deb package.
	  Bug #594.

	- Work around bug-ridden tools on Solaris by re-executing with
	  /usr/xpg4/bin in the PATH. Bug #537.

	- Add /usr/local/apache2/bin and /usr/local/apache/bin to APXS
	  search path.

	- Use old-school sysv symbol hash in shared library to avoid
	  RPM dependency on rtld(GNU_HASH). Bug #636.

	- Include string.h before httpd.h to fix compilation with
	  Oracle on RHEL. Bug #718.

	- Fix spurious log message about AuthVasLocalizeRemoteUser.
	  Bug #741.

3.6.4	(2008-09-01)
	- Fix a crash on Apache 1.x when using Negotiate authentication.
	  Bug #563.

	- Avoid a possible crash after 10 hours (Kerberos credential expiry)
	  by renewing credentials every 5 hours. Bug #569.

	- Fix a memory leak due to incorrect reference counting on cached
	  user objects. Bug #575.

	- Fix `AuthVasRemoteUserMap ldap-attr userPrincipalName` returning
	  the wrong name for users whose sAMAccountName is different from
	  the first part of their userPrincipalName.

	- Fix auth_vas.conf.in being deleted during `make clean`.

	- Fix huge cache timeouts being clamped too small.

	- Refuse to build for Apache 1 without EAPI as mod_auth_vas has been
	  unable to run without EAPI (on Apache 1) since 3.6.0.

3.6.3   (2008-07-25)
	- Fixed a crash if the server could not establish Kerberos credentials
	  and then tried to handle a Basic authentication request. Bug #556.

	- Fixed platform detection for packaging. Bug #540.

3.6.2	(2008-07-11)
	- Fixed corruption of the internal auth cache that would result in
	  a double-free error, crash, or refcount assertion. This would affect
	  any server with "AuthVasUseBasic On". Bug #517.

	- Fixed setup-mod_auth_vas trying to use "-u service" when creating the
	  service account. Bug #525.

	- Fixed the error message when parsing an invalid IP subnet.

	- Removed failure-inducing "-z defs" linker option. Fixes undefined
	  symbol errors when building.

	- Detects the apache group in setup-mod_auth_vas when it is set by
	  environment variable, eg. in /etc/apache2/envvars on Debian &
	  similar. Bug #524.

	- Moved module compilation to libtool and automake instead of hacking
	  around apxs. GNU make is no longer required.

	- Added "make package" target to build a package for deb & RPM

	- Add ./configure option --with-32bit-on-64bit to build a 32-bit module
	  on 64-bit systems.

3.6.1	(2008-04-07)

	- Fixed "AuthVasRemoteUserMap ldap-attr" hanging the server when
	  using Negotiate authentication. Bug #510.

3.6.0	(2008-03-28)

	- New option: AuthVasAuthz for disabling mod_auth_vas authorization
	  checks altogether. Useful for accepting Negotiate authentication but
	  doing all authorization in other modules. Bug #482.

	- New option: AuthVasKeytabFile for explicitly specifying the location
	  of the keytab file to use for server credentials. Bug #369.

	- Support mod_auth_vas as an authorization provider for
	  mod_auth_basic by setting "AuthBasicProvider vas".
	  This is not appreciably different from using mod_auth_vas with
	  Negotiate disabled and Basic enabled. Bug #385.

	- AuthName is used for the realm in Basic auth as it ought to be.
	  Bug #495.

	- Fixed mod_auth_vas not working in proxy mode (sending wrong headers).
	  Bug #488.

	- Renamed AuthVasServicePrincipal to AuthVasServerPrincipal to better
	  reflect its purpose. The original name is still accepted. Bug #407.

	- Added caching of in-memory objects to speed up Basic authentication.
	  Can be tweaked using the AuthVasCacheSize and AuthVasCacheExpire

	- Lower log levels for authorization-related messages, similar to those
	  used in Apache's authorization modules. Bug #247.

	- Check the user's primary gid in "Require unix-group". Bug #496.

	- Only try to add the +DAportable compile flag on HP-UX.
	  Thanks Scott Steverson. Bug #477.

	- Fixed problems compiling on HP-UX. Thanks Tom Hundt.

3.5.3   (2007-12-19)

	- Fixed "Require container" not allowing anyone access (bug #450).

	- Made the Basic auth failure log message easier to understand.

	- Removed -std=c89 build flag: it made the compiler too strict,
	  particularly on Solaris.

	- Removed -Wl,-z,defs link flag when building for APXS1 where we
	  expect undefined symbols (ap_*).

	- Fixed compiler warnings about unused variables when building for

3.5.2   (2007-12-17)

	- Fixed "Require unix-group" incorrectly allowing remote users if
	  there was a problem resolving the username (bug #445).

3.5.1   (2007-10-17)

	- Fixed "Require user" directives sometimes leading to
	  VAS_ERR_CRED_NEEDED authentication failures (bug #370).

	- Added an example CGI that shows the REMOTE_USER variable and
	  delegated credentials (if any).

	- Clearer logging of trace & diagnostic messages.

3.5.0   (2007-08-13)

	- New option: AuthVasSuexecAsRemoteUser (default off), fixes suEXEC
	  failures outside the DocumentRoot (bug #271).

	- New option: AuthVasRemoteUserMap to specify what to put in the
	  REMOTE_USER variable (mainly LDAP attributes).

	- New option: AuthVasNTLMErrorDocument to specify the error page to
	  serve when a client tries NTLM authentication (bug #210).
	  A built-in error page is served by default.

	- Extended the AuthVasUseNegotiate option to accept a list of subnets
	  to use Negotiate auth on (bug #337).

	- Test the keytab at startup where possible.

	- Improved setup script portability for Solaris.

	- Fixed case-sensitivity with Basic auth (bug #214).

	- Correctly set the intermediate module extension when
	  automatic detection fails.

	- New setup-mod_auth_vas option '-u' to specify the user account to

	- Set REMOTE_USER to the userPrincipalName by default.
	  (This only changes the behavior of Basic auth - Negotiate already
	   set it to the userPrincipalName.)

	- AuthVasLocalizeRemoteUser now "localizes" non-Unix users (bug #319)
	  for consistency.

	- Fixed trace messages being printed as errors on Apache 1 (bug #317).

	- Fixed LocalizeRemoteUser and ExportDelegated not working on Apache 1
	  (bug #327).

	- Look for apxs in /usr/IBMIHS/bin for the IBM HTTP Server (bug #349).

	- Try linking to libgcc_s if vas-config's flags alone were insufficient
	  (bug #349).

	- Try to find APXS's compiler even when it is not in the PATH
	  (bug #349).

	- Log version number, libvas version during startup
	- Setup script changes:
	    * checks that the module is loadable and is the right version
	    * allows specifying location of apxs and/or httpd.conf (-a/-c flag)
	    * warns if the HTTP/ account has expired
	    * allows adding of principal name aliases
	    * allows disabling password expiry on the service account (bug #213)
	- Support C99 vararg macros (Sun CC) and non-GNU make
	- Support using the compiler that apxs suggests
	- Enhancement bug 126: AuthVasLocalizeRemoteUser
	- Support for Debian & Ubuntu apache configuration file locations
	- Log NTLM requests clearly
	- Resend auth challenge in failed Basic auth requests
	  (fixes #167: Users get locked out when using Basic auth)
	- Enhancement bug 64: 'Require unix-group <group>'
	- Fixes auth_vas_create_server_config debug message going to stderr
	- Fixes bug 66, where seg fault occurs during unauthenticated req
	- Enhancement bug 50: AuthVasExportDelegated
	- Fixes bug 51 where 'apache -t' (configtest) would segfault
	- Improve resource locking
	- Fixes bug 58, failure to establish creds on startup.
	- Fixes bug 44 where an empty test directory caused configure to fail
	- Fixes bug 46 where passwords were not checked properly
	- Fixes bug 47 where an empty username would cause the server to abort
	- Avoids unlocking a mutex that was never locked
	- Fixes bug 42 where AuthVasNegotiate did not always work
	- Remove race conditions and from setup-mod_auth_vas
	- Setup changed to set group (not user) access to the keytab file 
	- Replace makefile with autoconf/configure
	- Ehancement bug 9: VASAuthAuthoritative (Paul Whittaker)
3.2.0 [internal release only]
	- Use VAS3.0 API
	- Improve VAS error messages
	- Storage improvement for Apache 1
	- Setup prompts user to make changes or not
	- Makefile support for IBM HTTP Server 6
	- Makefile support for HPUX Apache
	- Passwords not written to logfiles in debug mode
	- Fixed bug 4833 where server config directives were ignored
	- Support for suexec
	- Fixes bug 4784 where 'Requires valid-user' directive was ignored
	- Include keytab setup helper script
	- Major fixes for Apache 1 compatibility
	- Fixes bug 4712 where CGI scripts would core dump
	- Fixes bug 4713 where AuthVasDefaultRealm directive not recognised
	- Enables internal diagnostics by default
	- Initial release after re-write

Source: https://github.com/quest-oss/mod_auth_vas/raw/apache-2.2/NEWS