Quest PuTTY

Quest Software changes to PuTTY

 - Merged with PuTTY 0.60
 - bug 284: Fallback when gssapi auth fails locally
 - bug 297: -ng option now disables GSSKEX as well as gssapi-with-mic
 - bug 298: Wrong behaviour for applying policy on window title querying

 - Merged with PuTTY 0.59b
 - Moved GSSAPI options into its own tab (no longer all fits in Auth tab)
 - plink now exits on key mismatch when console is hidden (bug 218/vbug 4913)
 - plink centres dialogs on primary screen instead of console window
 - New option -limit for pscp bandwidth limiting (bug 218)
 - Only display GSSAPI SPN when trusting DNS or in verbose mode
 - All plink errors shown as message boxes in GUI mode (bugs 227, 218)
 - Switch to CHM/HtmlHelp support; updated documentation
 - Support long messages in -use_vintela_gui* dialog boxes
 - Make -auto_store_key_in_cache work with -batch (bug 233)
 - New options -no_in/-no_out for plinkw

0.58_q3 (unreleased)
 - Added 'Trust DNS' configuration option; defaults to off (bug 196)
 - Corrected Web site URL under Start menu  (bug 183)

 - About box points at Resource Central web site (bug 179)
 - Add support for Group Policy (bug 103)
 - Change package name to Quest-PuTTY. Install under Quest Software
 - Don't hang when GSSAPI init fails for non-joined hosts (vbug 6349)
 - Don't append current realm to canonical SPN (vbug 6350)
 - Fix unknown GSSKEX DH group hang (vbug 6378)
 - Don't display error dialog boxes unless batch mode (bug 15)
 - Non-console plinkw.exe: no more flashing dos boxes (bug 27)
 - Support gss-keyex authentication (BuckH, bug 40)
 - UI improvements for username and GSSAPI settings (bug 125)
 - Documentation improvements
 - Bounds check when constructing SPN
 - Uninstaller runs 'putty -cleanup-during-uninstall'

 - Bug fix: GSS key re-exchange problem (vbug 5513)
 - Reset busy cursor after key exchange failure
 - Changed Vintela to Quest in licence texts
 - Use scrub function instead of memset to erase temporary password fields
 - Check that first GSS token can be generated before enabling GSS KEX
 - Improved error checking, error messages
 - Installer signed with Quest Software certificate 

 - Installer overhaul
 - Password windows are centered (J Burns)
 - Corrected logic that determines short prompt (J Burns)
 - Dialog incorrectly echoed password text (J Burns)
 - Check for '@' at end of realm sometimes returned by SSPI
 - Improved logging; SSPI code review/tidy; memset tightening
 - Changed Vintela to Quest in licence texts 

 - Wise installer minor improvements
 - Success/failure of delegation detected and logged
 - Strict mutual auth checked after gss-kex
 - Help file improvements
 - Key-exchange config list length increased to stop scrollbar flicker
 - Default key-exchange list has all GSSAPI algorithms at the top
 - Support for null host key algorithm during gss-kex
 - Graceful exit when gss-kex fails, instead of crash
 - GUI plink password dialog used only when password prompt is short 

 - GSSAPI key exchange support (gss-kex)
 - Improved wording in the configuration dialogs
 - GUI plink dialog implementation rewritten for new framework
 - Build system improved for latest MinGW tools 

 - Merged VMX putty 0.57 code with PuTTY 0.58
 - Removed unnecessary buffer code
 - Configuration UI improvements
 - Removed memory leaks
 - Human-readable strings for GSSAPI/SSPI errors
 - Improved support for gssapi-with-mic error tokens and messages
 - Configuration option for using system-supplied username
 - Allow blank usernames with gssapi-with-mic (allowed in draft standard)
 - Correct string bug where GSSAPI auth would fail 1 in 14 times
 - Documentation improvements 

 - Backport bug fix: the "1 in 14" GSSAPI failure
 - Use improved installer 

 - Merge with upstream PuTTY 0.57 (security fixes) 

 - Initial import of VMX PuTTY sources (GSSAPI-with-mic and plink-GUI)
 - Default to setting username from system username