Quest ID Mapper

Current:1.2.7 (2016-05-23)
For QAS:3.0 or later
  • Linux i386
  • Linux x86_64
  • Solaris sparc
  • Solaris x86
  • HP-UX pa
  • AIX ppc
Licence:Resource Central

Quest's Samba Identity Mapper (vasidmap) provides Samba servers with accurate identity information for Unix-enabled Active Directory users to ensure proper file system access controls for Samba servers that are joined to an Active Directory domain. Vasidmap plugs into Samba's idmap interface, resolving queries for user security information by using Quest Authentication Services' (QAS) Active Directory connections and caches. vasidmap should be used with all installations of Samba where QAS is installed — especially for servers using Authentication Services' Unix personality management feature.

Quick installation instructions

  1. Ensure that you have Samba installed; we recommend using at least version 3.3.16 of your operating system's Samba package. The Quest ID Mapper should work with samba 3.0.28+ but versions below 3.3.16 are not supported.
  2. Ensure that the host is joined to Active Directory (vastool join)
  3. Install quest-vasidmap
  4. Run the vas-samba-config script:
    # /opt/quest/sbin/vas-samba-config
    and answer the questions asked.

Please see the installation guide for detailed instructions and troubleshooting.


Q: Will the Quest ID Mapper work with Samba packages from my operating system vendor or compiled from source?

A: Yes, both. The Quest ID Mapper was designed to integrate with Samba to provide additional benefits to customers using Samba and Quest Authentication Services together. Please make sure you are running at least version 3.3.16 of Samba before using the Quest ID Mapper.

Q: What are the benefits of using Quest ID Mapper with Samba?

A: The Quest ID Mapper can be used on servers that are accessed by Unix-enabled users via both local (shell) access and over Samba/CIFS shares. Using the ID mapper ensures file ownership matches the user's Unix-enabled attributes. Quest ID Mapper should not be used where non-Unix-enabled users access shares because it does not allocate IDs to non-Unix-enabled users. In that case either the idmap_rid or idmap_tdb providers should be used instead of Quest ID Mapper. See the Samba HOWTO chapter on identity mapping for further information.


Release: quest-vasidmap-1.2.7
Platform Filename Type Size Date MD5 checksum?
Other vasidmap releases
aix-53quest-vasidmap. kB2016-05-236ed93f24ec8ff8ca090626a51dbb4705
hpux-ia64quest-vasidmap-1.2.7.ia64.depotpackage328 kB2016-05-23eecf623a3c53187be94d2374f4117a8d
hpux-pa-11v1quest-vasidmap-1.2.7.hppa.depotpackage369 kB2016-05-23e7173ea6147d8c0a0d9068ac83f76d92
linux-ia64quest-vasidmap-1.2.7-1.ia64.rpmpackage73 kB2016-05-23bdcbcc71262ec8bef3350bad4a45e808
linux-ppcquest-vasidmap-1.2.7-1.ppc.rpmpackage69 kB2016-05-2338cb611a5113326b3f3525193dad4f1e
linux-s390xquest-vasidmap-1.2.7-1.s390x.rpmpackage79 kB2016-05-23dcf303faa345867758c6ba02d445aa11
linux-s390quest-vasidmap-1.2.7-1.s390.rpmpackage76 kB2016-05-23ec27b21a080384f9adadc23f4bc5cbb7
linux-x86_64quest-vasidmap-1.2.7-1.x86_64.rpmpackage79 kB2016-05-2372430beebf17adae31810592e07b5821
quest-vasidmap_1.2.7-1_amd64.debpackage76 kB2016-05-237652b518c4c850d9e1c5ab378d651ac5
linux-x86quest-vasidmap-1.2.7-1.i386.rpmpackage56 kB2016-05-23feee642efb78e6a29d4ca7e951d8f27f
quest-vasidmap_1.2.7-1_i386.debpackage52 kB2016-05-23ffa24deae7559f54536dd9af837e4b88
osxquest-vasidmap-1.2.7.dmgpackage60 kB2016-05-234275781ffce270c5689568724b07967d
solaris-sparcQSFTidmap-1.2.7-sparc.pkgpackage224 kB2016-05-233b492fd764f0563056255422b4403599
solaris-x86QSFTidmap-1.2.7-i386.pkgpackage215 kB2016-05-23d4bb0e5540efb86cedb8fbd1f47eee5d
sourcequest-vasidmap-1.2.7.tar.gzsource204 kB2016-05-23800651481603f8497af9271cf8fbedf6

Compiling the vasidmap package from source requires the Authentication Services SDK to be installed. The SDK can be found in the SDK subdirectory directory of the Quest Authentication Services Installation CD.