Quest Sudo

Current:1.7.6p1q2 (2011-08-09)
For QAS:3.0 or later

Sudo is a tool that allows commands to be run as root or other users, with command logging and fine-grained access controls.

Quest Sudo adds two features to the standard Sudo application: Active Directory group matching for access controls, and newgrp-style group changing.

Active Directory group matching

Quest Sudo can use Quest Authentication Services to make access control decisions based on Active Directory group memberships – even for groups that are not Unix-enabled.

newgrp-style group changing

Quest Sudo adds the ability for users to change their primary group to any group permitted by the system administrator. This provides a more secure mechanism than newgrp by avoiding the need for shared passwords.


The howto documents both general Sudo usage in an enterprise environment, as well as how to take advantage of the Quest-specific enhancements.

Latest Release

Quest no longer maintains recent releases of sudo. To obtain the latest stable release of the Sudo packages please goto Sudo Stable Release

* The functionality that was provided by Quest's Sudo packages have now been included in the sudo_vas plugin available in QAS 4.0.3. This new plugin works with Sudo 1.8 and up.


Release: sudo-1.7.6p1q2
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aix-51.lamquest-sudo. MB2011-08-09
aix-51.pamquest-sudo. MB2011-08-09
aix-53.lamquest-sudo. MB2011-08-09
aix-53.pamquest-sudo. MB2011-08-09
hpux-ia64quest-sudo-1.7.6p1q2.ia64.depotpackage2.4 MB2011-08-09
hpux-paquest-sudo-1.7.6p1q2.hppa.depotpackage2.0 MB2011-08-09
linux-ia64quest-sudo-1.7.6-2.sles9.ia64.rpmpackage417 kB2011-08-09
linux-ppcquest-sudo-1.7.6-2.sles9.ppc.rpmpackage362 kB2011-08-09
linux-s390xquest-sudo-1.7.6-2.el5.s390x.rpmpackage468 kB2011-08-09
linux-s390quest-sudo-1.7.6-2.el5.s390.rpmpackage452 kB2011-08-09
linux-x86-debquest-sudo_1.7.6-2_i386.debpackage424 kB2011-08-09
linux-x86_64-debquest-sudo_1.7.6-2.el_amd64.debpackage437 kB2011-08-09
linux-x86_64quest-sudo-1.7.6-2.el.x86_64.rpmpackage440 kB2011-08-09
linux-x86quest-sudo-1.7.6-2.i386.rpmpackage428 kB2011-08-09
solaris26-sparcQSFTsudo-1.7.6p1q2-sparc.pkgpackage1.7 MB2011-08-09
solaris7-sparcQSFTsudo-1.7.6p1q2-sparc.pkgpackage1.7 MB2011-08-09
solaris8-sparcQSFTsudo-1.7.6p1q2-sparc.pkgpackage1.7 MB2011-08-09
solaris8-x86QSFTsudo-1.7.6p1q2-i386.pkgpackage1.9 MB2011-08-09