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Current:Quest-PuTTY-0.60_q1 (2007-06-06)
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Quest PuTTY is a derivative of Simon Tatham's PuTTY, an open-source Secure Shell (SSH) client for Microsoft Windows. It includes:

Quest have extended PuTTY with the following features:

Active Directory (GSSAPI Kerberos) single sign-on
Quest PuTTY uses the user's login credentials to automatically authenticate against a GSSAPI-enabled SSH server such as OpenSSH. Specifically, the credentials are obtained from the Microsoft Kerberos SSPI, and exchanged using the GSSKEX, gssapi-with-mic and gss-keyex mechanisms.
Group Policy control
Quest PuTTY configuration defaults can be changed using group policy, and some configuration options can be limited or locked by group policy.

A source code patch file is provided with each release that contains all the modifications made to the corresponding PuTTY source revision. These modifications are licensed under a Berkeley-style open source license.

User interface changes

The configuration panel interface has changed slightly to allow users to select GSSAPI authentication. Mouse over the 'Data', 'Kex' and 'GSSAPI' entries in the figure below to see the changes, highlighted in pink.


Configuration changes made in 0.58vrc0.2.0
Mouse over the Data, Kex or GSSAPI entries to see changes.

Group Policy support

Quest have extended PuTTY to honour a small collection of security-related policies. This allows PuTTY to be controlled through group policy.


Quest PuTTY is similar to the PuTTY client that is shipped with QMX. However, for support reasons, QMX users should use the version of PuTTY that comes bundled with QMX.

Latest Release

Quest Softare no longer maintains recent releases of PuTTY. To obtain the latest stable release of PuTTY please goto PuTTY Download Page

* The functionality that was provided by Quest Software's PuTTY packages have now been included in the latest releases of PuTTY, making Quest PuTTY obsolete.


Release: Quest-PuTTY-0.60_q1
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