Quest OpenSSH

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Current:quest-openssh-5.2p1_q17 (2011-11-28)
For QAS:3.0 or later
  • AIX ppc
  • HPUX hppa
  • Linux i386, x86_64
  • Solaris sparc, i386, x64
  • Others (source)

The Quest OpenSSH project is no longer being actively developed and its status has been set to "abandoned". The functionalities that were once provided by Quest OpenSSH are now offered by OpenSSH. To obtain the latest OpenSSH source please visit the OpenSSH project site OpenSSH.

For help with SSH tools integration with Quest Authentication Services see: Vendor SSH tool integration

The archived software packages include both the client, ssh, and the server, sshd. Packages are subject to open source licence conditions.

Archived Downloads

Release: quest-openssh-5.2p1_q17
Platform Filename Type Size Date
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aix-53quest-openssh. MB2011-11-28
hpux-ia64quest-openssh-5.2p1q17.ia64.depotpackage23.3 MB2011-11-28
hpux-paquest-openssh-5.2p1q17.hppa.depotpackage10.6 MB2011-11-28
linux-glibc23-ppc64quest-openssh-5.2p1q17-1.ppc.rpmpackage3.3 MB2011-11-28
linux-ia64quest-openssh-5.2p1q17-1.ia64.rpmpackage4.6 MB2011-11-28
linux-s390xquest-openssh-5.2p1q17-1.s390x.rpmpackage3.5 MB2011-11-28
linux-s390quest-openssh-5.2p1q17-1.s390.rpmpackage3.4 MB2011-11-28
linux-x86_64quest-openssh-5.2p1q17-1.x86_64.rpmpackage3.1 MB2011-11-28
linux-x86quest-openssh-5.2p1q17-1.i386.rpmpackage2.7 MB2011-11-28
solaris8-sparcQSFTossh-5.2p1q17-sparc.pkgpackage6.2 MB2011-11-28
solaris8-x86QSFTossh-5.2p1q17-i386.pkgpackage6.9 MB2011-11-28
ubuntu-x86_64quest-openssh_5.2p1q17-1_amd64.debpackage3.0 MB2011-11-28
ubuntu-x86quest-openssh_5.2p1q17-1_i386.debpackage2.6 MB2011-11-28
Quest OpenSSH is a derivative of OpenSSH, an open-source implementation of the SSH protocol.