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Mozilla/Firefox SPNEGO

Mozilla-based browsers for Unix (Netscape, Firefox etc.) can be configured to authenticate to web sites using Active Directory.

You will need the following:

Enabling Integrated Authentication with Quest Authentication Services

Depending on the version of Mozilla core this browser uses, you can either install a special extension, or just set browser preferences to enable integrated authentication with Quest Authentication Services.

Your browser is:

Your browser's extension status:

Mozilla 1.7 — 1.7.3
Firefox 0.9 — 0.9.3
Netscape 7.2
Mozilla 1.8 —
Firefox 0.10 —
Netscape 8 —
Install extension
Network auth configuration panel

Download configuration panel

Other resources

The installer files for the extension can also be downloaded separately. The source code for the extension is also available, and can be compiled for platforms other than that listed here.

Release: mozilla-vas- (unstable)
Platform Filename Type Size Date
Show all 2 files | Other mozilla-vas releases
linux-x86vasnegotiateauth- kB2007-05-03


Extension not installing
Please report the following information about your browser:
  • The version number from your browser's "about box"
  • This user-agent string: CCBot/2.0 (
  • These two variables: mozver=
    , mozplat=
Not authenticating
If the extension is installed, and it isn't authenticating, run your browser with the environment variable NSPR_LOG_MODULES set to negotiateauth:4, like this:
$ NSPR_LOG_MODULES=negotiateauth:4 mozilla http://testserver/secure/