Apache authentication

Apache web server
Current: (2015-01-20)
For QAS:3.0 or later
  • Apache 1.3.x
  • Apache 2.x
  • IBM HTTP Server 1.3.x
  • IBM HTTP Server 6.x
  • Oracle HTTP Server
License:Resource Central

mod_auth_vas is an authentication and authorization module for use with the Apache web server. Derivatives including IBM HTTP Server and Oracle HTTP Server are also supported.

The module uses Quest Authentication Services (QAS) to implement the HTTP SPNEGO protocol which provides passwordless authentication on web servers with optional fallback to password authentication. In effect, mod_auth_vas allows the Apache web server to perform Windows Integrated Authentication (single sign-on).

Browsers that can authenticate using SPNEGO automatically (without prompting for a password) include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.


The installation and how-to guides are good first-step and reference documents. The troubleshooting reference might also be handy. These documents should contain everything required to compile and install the module, as well as configuring client browsers and debugging if problems arise.


Packages for Apache 2.0 have "ap20" in their names, packages for Apache 2.2 have "ap22" in their names. Packages for Red Hat's httpd 2.0 have "http20" in their names, packages for Red Hat's httpd 2.2 have "http22" in their names. The RPMs should work on any RPM-based system, and the debs should work on any deb-based system. See below for information about packages for other systems.

Release: mod_auth_vas-
Platform Filename Type Size Date MD5 checksum?
Other mod_auth_vas releases
aix-53mod-auth-vas53-IHS20. kB2015-01-20b2ec8c05a65d29546196e21866d35835
hpux-pa-11v1mod-auth-vas-ap20- kB2015-01-208c08095e55b6a266cbc23b3b43a89a26
linux-ia64mod-auth-vas-ap20- kB2015-01-2087531f6e5189893acae3b1f305025327
linux-ppcmod-auth-vas-ap20- kB2015-01-20647a92581f105fc1fdd806da416dafaf
linux-x86_64mod-auth-vas-ap20_3.6.8.4-1_amd64.debpackage79 kB2015-01-20821a3e10d3e8e36d794c202a93850c46
mod-auth-vas-ap22- kB2015-01-20693cbd37f0fa9eb78cb40d30080e4e13
mod-auth-vas-ap22_3.6.8.4-1_amd64.debpackage79 kB2015-01-2083597f8ea3f3f473068fd52d85b307cd
mod-auth-vas-http20- kB2015-01-20a88ed12457b7d9d7595b4f5ef70e2642
mod-auth-vas-http22- kB2015-01-20d7cdf960d88bf9343abdd3d9a5dd2239
linux-x86mod-auth-vas-ap20_3.6.8.4-1_i386.debpackage70 kB2015-01-20be56e1bbe156331143aa71a58c44a0a6
mod-auth-vas-ap22- kB2015-01-20db98bf1610ac81df3c72f6f0505f73c4
mod-auth-vas-ap22_3.6.8.4-1_i386.debpackage75 kB2015-01-2055ae4e981f0403c9863a75a9dc0b2e76
mod-auth-vas-http20- kB2015-01-2031f113e29a260e5147cd4ec8ce96c1f4
mod-auth-vas-http22- kB2015-01-20d9b69c0ce548400523a95f091ab9e02e
solaris10-sparc64mod-auth-vas_SunOS_5.10-ap22- kB2015-01-20297f4da1d7ce80f21e0c85bafaa6a507
solaris10-x64mod-auth-vas_SunOS_5.10-ap20- kB2015-01-20bd9695735e0cb669210aa356b574b221
solaris8-sparcmod-auth-vas_SunOS_5.8-ap22- kB2015-01-20f94e67b6a01790c67f70a246ae12aa36
solaris8-x86mod-auth-vas_SunOS_5.8-ap22- kB2015-01-200d2306aeb980865408b8e42407ed6dcb
sourcemod_auth_vas- kB2015-01-20806a6dafa7781f965acfb988fc9f72bd


The mod_auth_vas module is licensed free to use and modify. However, most of the module's functionality derives from Quest Authentication Services (QAS), which requires separate, user licensing.

No packages for your platform?

The mod_auth_vas module often needs to be compiled from source form for your particular version of Apache HTTPD. This is because the Apache web server's module API changes substantially between different releases and modules compiled for one version of the Apache web server will usually not work with any other version.

Resource Central does provide a few pre-compiled mod_auth_vas packages for some of the more popular and stable operating system distributions that include the Apache HTTP server by default. For other systems, you will need to compile the module for your installation.