Dynamic DNS

Current:1.3.4 (2010-06-10)
For QAS:3.0 or later
License:Resource Central

When Quest Authentication Services joins a new computer to a domain, it becomes known to the LDAP and Kerberos protocols, but not to DNS. This is because the IP address of the host is not directly under the control of this part of Active Directory.

Although AD comes with a integrated DHCP and DNS servers, some sites run their own DHCP servers, meaning that the leased IP addresses must be communicated to Active Directory's DNS server through another (often manual) means.

The dnsupdate tool, provided below, performs just this communication. It automatically and securely informs Active Directory's DNS server of IP address changes of the host due to DHCP lease acquisition and renewal.

Because dnsupdate uses Kerberos to authenticate itself to the DNS server, only the computer joined with that name can update its record.

Dnsupdate is a small tool with a single purpose: Find the nearest working Active Directory DNS server and securely update the current host's DNS entry.


Release: dnsupdate-1.3.4
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aix-51quest-dnsupdate. kB2011-09-02
aix-53quest-dnsupdate. kB2011-09-02
aix-61quest-dnsupdate. kB2011-09-02
aix-7quest-dnsupdate. kB2011-09-02
hpux-ia64quest-dnsupdate- kB2010-06-10
hpux-pa-11v1quest-dnsupdate- kB2010-06-10
hpux-paquest-dnsupdate- kB2010-06-10
linux-glibc23-ppc64quest-dnsupdate- kB2010-06-10
quest-dnsupdate- kB2010-06-10
linux-ia64quest-dnsupdate- kB2010-06-14
linux-s390xquest-dnsupdate- kB2010-06-14
linux-s390quest-dnsupdate- kB2010-06-14
linux-x86_64quest-dnsupdate- kB2010-06-10
quest-dnsupdate_1.3.4.194-1_amd64.debpackage77 kB2010-06-14
linux-x86quest-dnsupdate- kB2010-06-10
quest-dnsupdate_1.3.4.194-1_i386.debpackage84 kB2010-06-14
osxquest-dnsupdate- kB2011-02-03
solaris10-x64QSFTdnsup- kB2010-06-11
solaris26-sparcQSFTdnsup- kB2010-06-10
solaris7-sparcQSFTdnsup- kB2010-06-10
solaris8-sparcQSFTdnsup- kB2010-06-10
solaris8-x86QSFTdnsup- kB2010-06-10

Installation notes

— David Leonard