Resource Central

Support statement

The Resource Central team is a group of full-time engineers and documentation writers that work on the Resource Central open source software as their primary responsibility. All of the Resource Central content is supported in the sense that issues reported through Quest's TechCenter or the bug tracker are monitored by the Resource Central team. As problems are reported, changes or fixes are made to the site content, documentation or software. Quest customers that require a higher assurance of software support will be interested in the commercial support statement below. The Resource Central team maintains a close relationship with Quest support staff to ensure that issues raised by supported customers receive prioritized attention.

Commercial support of Resource Central software

Resource Central software listed under Supported Projects is fully supported by Quest's commercial support organization. Customers who have purchased a support contract for Quest Authentication Services (QAS) may contact the Quest support representatives in their region to troubleshoot or raise issues related to Resource Central software when used in conjunction with Quest Authentication Services. Support cases related to supported Resource Central software are subject to the same Support SLA as Quest's commercial products.

Quality assurance process

Supported Resource Central software receives pre-release testing coverage by the Resource Central team before the packages are made available for download. This pre-release validation is meant to assure quality of the software packaging and base functionality. Starting with Quest Authentication Services (QAS) version 3.1.0, broader testing of Resource Central projects was included in system-level test coverage that is performed by the core Quest Authentication Services Quality Assurance organization.

Support for binaries you build from Resource Central sources

Quest will provide the same support responsiveness for self-compiled software from supported RC projects, as we offer for the packaged binaries. However, if after reasonable troubleshooting effort, Quest support is not able to recommend a known solution or workaround, they will be unable to escalate the issue with out first reproducing the same problem with a pre-compiled package from RC. This support policy is in place to avoid involving Quest support in obscure compile and linking issues that can exist on custom-built Linux or embedded OSes. We believe this support policy is a good compromise between the flexibility of a source-code offering, and the support implications of self-built binaries.

Support for RC Experimental software

"RC Experimental" (previously known as "Labs") allows access to software that is still in an early stage of development. RC Experimental software is not supported by Quest's commercial support organization. However you are welcome to post messages to Quest's TechCenter to ask questions or raise issues. If you find that RC Experimental software is particularly useful, please notify the maintainer and request that it be promoted to full project (and support) status.

Support for Software that is no longer actively being developed

Resource Central Software listed under No longer actively being developed is fully supported by Quest's commercial support organization. The software though is no longer actively being developed. Newer versions of these projects not supplied by Quest is not supported by Quest and any problems found in these versions should be reported to their respective vendors.