Quest ID Mapper

VASIDMAPD(8)                System Manager's Manual               VASIDMAPD(8)

       vasidmapd - SID-UID and SID-GID mapper for Active Directory

       vasidmapd   [-D]  [-F]  [-V]  [-A ip-addr]  [-d debug-level]  [-p port]
       [-s spn] [-P pidfile]

       The vasidmapd daemon implements a  small  LDAP  server  which  services
       requests from SAMBA to map between SIDs, UIDs and GIDs.

       The  easiest  way  to  configure SAMBA to use this module is to run the
       vas-samba-config script which comes with the daemon.

       -D     If specified, this parameter causes vasidmapd to  operate  as  a
              daemon.  That is, it detaches itself and runs in the background.
              This is the recommended, and default behaviour.

       -F     If specified, this parameter causes the main  vasidmapd  process
              to  not  daemonize.  Child processes are still created to handle
              incoming connections, but the main process does not exit.   This
              operation  mode  is suitable for running vasidmapd under process

       -V     Causes the daemon to print its version number and  exit  immedi-

       -A ip-addr
              If  specified,  changes  the IP address that vasidmapd binds and
              listens to.  The listen address defaults to the loopback address

       -d debug-level
              This  parameter  sets the debug level as an integer.  Debug mes-
              sages are sent to stderr. Omitting the -d option will output log
              messages to syslog using facility daemon, level debug.  A debug-
              level of 0 disables debugging.

       -p port
              This parameter sets the TCP port number on which vasidmapd  lis-
              tens  for requests.  The port parameter is a single integer, and
              defaults to 389.

       -s spn This parameter sets the principal name that the  vasidmapd  ser-
              vice authenticates as.  It defaults to host/.

       -P pidfile
              The pid file to use. Default is: /var/run/

       vastool(1), smb.conf(5),

       Simo Sorce, Quest Software, Inc.