Quest ID Mapper

VASIDMAP(1)                 General Commands Manual                VASIDMAP(1)

       vasidmap - Security ID (SID) to user and group ID (UID/GID) query tool

       vasidmap [-f] [domain\]user
       vasidmap [-f] -u uid
       vasidmap [-f] -g gid
       vasidmap [-f] -un user-name
       vasidmap [-f] -gn group-name
       vasidmap [-f] -sU user-SID
       vasidmap [-f] -gU group-SID

       The  vasidmap  utility queries VAS to translate between NT domain user-
       names, unix usernames, user IDs (UIDs), groups, group  IDs  (GIDs)  and
       Active Directory security identifiers (SIDs).

       -f     If  specified,  forces  vasidmap  to obtain credentials.  If the
              program is run as root, then the host/ keytab is used to  obtain
              the computer account credentials.

       -u uid Converts a unix user identifier into a SID.

       -g gid Converts a unix group identifier into a SID.

       -un user-name
              Converts a unix username into a SID.

       -gn group-name
              Converts a unix group name into a SID.

       -sU user-sid
              Converts  a  SID into a unix user identifier. The SID must refer
              to a user.

       -sG group-sid
              Converts a SID into a unix group identifier. The SID must  refer
              to a group.

       vastool(1), vasidmapd(8),

       Simo Sorce, Quest Software, Inc.