descriptionQuest Sudo
ownerTed Percival
last changeTue, 13 Sep 2011 15:15:43 +0000
2011-09-13 Seth EllsworthFix path master
2011-02-14 Seth EllsworthTry this library path for OSX.
2011-02-14 Seth EllsworthAnd now this.
2011-02-14 Seth EllsworthAnd this, include the change.
2011-02-14 Seth EllsworthOk, this then.
2011-02-14 Seth EllsworthTry this to fix OSX compile issue:
2010-12-21 Jayson HurstSuppress 'not found' error messages for one-way trust...
2010-06-27 Seth EllsworthUpdate to 1.7.2p7.
2010-06-16 Seth EllsworthWhy support? is in /opt/quest/lib. And...
2010-05-10 Seth Ellsworth1.7.2p6, and a bug-fix, make the user/group cache case...
2010-05-10 Seth EllsworthDefined twice, but the first one was with_with_libvas...
2010-04-07 Seth EllsworthNeed to tell this is different then 1.7.2p1q1.
2010-03-09 Seth EllsworthWrong entry modified. its p5q1, not p2q5.
2010-03-09 Seth EllsworthThe purpose of this variable I heard is to allow loadin...
2010-03-08 Seth EllsworthUpdate to 1.7.2p5
2010-02-05 Ted PercivalFix build with HP-UX ld (linker) quest-sudo-1.7.2p2q1
8 years ago quest-sudo-1.7.2p2q1 Quest Sudo 1.7.2p2q1
8 years ago sudo-1.7.2p2 Upstream Sudo 1.7.2p2
8 years ago sudo-1.7.2p1 Upstream Sudo 1.7.2p1
9 years ago sudo-1.7.1 Sudo 1.7.1
9 years ago quest-sudo-1.6.8p12q93 Quest Sudo 1.6.8p12q93
9 years ago sudo-1.6.8p12 Sudo 1.6.8p12
9 years ago sudo-1.6.8 Sudo 1.6.8
7 years ago master
8 years ago upstream