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Resource Central is a collection of software and documentation projects that allow Dell customers to use popular open-source software in conjunction with Dell's commercial products and support. Resource Central is operated as a collection of true open-source projects. All patches and documentation are available in source code form. Resource Central is pleased to receive community input in the form of bug reports, patches, feature requests, and discussion on the forums.

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New versions of mod_auth_vas available

Mon, 14 Jul 2014

New mod_auth_vas versions and 4.0.2. QAS API debug can now be enabled with AuthVasApiDebugLevel directive. AuthVasCacheSize and AuthVasCacheExpire can now be set in both the parent server as well as virtual servers. Various Bug fixes.

—Jayson Hurst


New mod_auth_vas available

Sat, 9 Feb 2013

New mod_auth_vas Fixed multiple build issues, as well as provided the framework to make mod_auth_vas backwards compatible with future QAS API changes.

—Jayson Hurst


mod_auth_vas 4.0.1 available

Wed, 3 Oct 2012

mod_auth_vas 4.0.1 is compatible with the new Apache 2.4 API. MAV 4.0 is taking advantage of the new httpd 2.4 API which allows for access control to only be ran on internal requests with configurations that are distinct from that of the intial request. It also includes new Require authorization directives ad-group and ad-dn. It also include a new directive AuthVasProvider which takes a list of providers that support password authentication.

—Jayson Hurst


Quest OpenSSH no longer being maintained

Wed, 18 Jul 2012

Quest Software has no plans to update its OpenSSH packages to a newer OpenSSH version. The functionality that was being provided by Quest Software's OpenSSH packages (Notably GSSAPI authentication) are now available in most operating systems vendor packages of OpenSSH. Quest will continue to maintain its current released version of Quest OpenSSH.

—Jayson Hurst

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